Antioxidants, vitamins & plant extracts


Antioxidants and vitamins

Skin-Ageing is largely triggered by the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. Reactive oxygen radicals are produced which have a negative effect on the metabolic processes in the skin. By adding antioxidants these reactive radicals can be intercepted, protecting the skin’s cells from harm and slowing down ageing processes.Often resveratrol, Q10 or green tea extracts are used in skin care products. Tannic acid and rosemary extract extend the shelf life of foods.

Vitamins are incredibly important for the promotion of healthy cell growth. By stimulating collagen production they improve skin appearance.

Plant extracts

Plant extracts contain ingredients with different functions which are used in manifold ways in different regions around the world or religious contexts to preserve the health or physical beauty. The plant extracts are the result of millions of years of evolutionary processes and thus represent an ancient treasure trove of skin and health care knowledge as well as modern manufacturing and cosmetics technologies.

Thanks to our expertise at ExperChem we can provide you with everything you need for your treatments from a single source. Together with our Chinese partner we meet your quality requirements for plant extracts. You will find a selection of extracts on this page. Please let us know, if the extract you are looking for does not appear in this list.