Camellia seed oil


It’s All About Green Tea

In this product category you can find products which are obtained from the tea plants Camellia oleifera and Camellia sinensis.

These are extracts that are advertised or sold on the strength of their respective polyphenol or catechin content. We recommend an extract containing 60% or 95% of a substance called epigallocatechin and a little caffeine. These extracts are highly water-soluble.

Tea saponins are obtained by way of water vapour extraction from camellia seed pomace.

These saponins have surface-active (surfactant) properties and are utilised as an organic tenside that is kind to the environment. It also has defoaming properties and is used for in the production of frost-free concrete.

Saponins are the plant’s own antifeedant and also have anti-microbial properties.

A special blend containing saponins is scattered on putting greens in China to protect against earthworms.