Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals

This “European law on chemicals” is extremely complicated. It deals not only with “chemicals” in the popular meaning of the term but basically with all substances that are being used inside the European Union. As all physical products are comprised of chemical substances there are only a few areas that REACH does not affect directly or indirectly.

Most importantly, all substances that are produced in the EU or imported into it must be registered at the European Chemicals Agency, or ECHA. This even applies to substances which have been on the market for many years. Any (hazardous) properties they may possess must be identified and compared with the conditions applying to their intended uses. Only substances and uses which are considered to guarantee a sufficient level of safety for humans and the environment will be registered. 

Numerous special cases and exceptions exist, however, especially in the case of substances and uses that have already been extensively covered by other laws and regulations, as in the case of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or biocides.

To ensure manageability of the process for industry and authorities alike, substances are registered based on a scheme of graduated quantities. Up until now, substances in quantities of above 100 t/a had to be registered. Until June 2018 also substances upward of quantities of 1 t/a will need to be registered. Obviously, this will affect many more small and medium-sized companies compared to the registration of the larger volumes. 

At ExpertChem our customers can be sure of our support from the very first to achieve compliance with the REACH regulation. Whether you need answers to technical questions, like the kind of service a HELPDESK might provide, or just want to be sure that everything that needs to be considered for an order to comply with REACH is actually taken care of -our support service is tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

Acting under this service we have already registered dozens of substances for our customers, often as lead registrants (as this role is officially called) of substances. We cooperate with external laboratories and specialists (e.g. toxicologists), whom we only consult to the extent necessary to answer specific questions. As chemists and trained safety engineers with longstanding industry experience we contribute our own skills and expertise too.

A list of some of the services offered:

  • advice and on-site training on REACH
  • analysis of possible exceptions or exemptions in the context of the REACH regulations
  • preparation and submission of CLP notifications (CLP = successor to the Regulation on Hazardous Substances)
  • technical support when communicating with authorities, co-registrants and downstream users (= our customers’ customers)
  • compilation of dossiers and submission to ECHA
  • keeping track of and updating of existing registrations.
  • we act as Only Representatives for non-EU manufacturers.

ExperChem is a founding member of the Association of Only Representatives ORO