Magnolia bark extract

Magnolia bark extract

The Magnolia bark extract contains the two active ingredients magnolol and honokiol. The effects of magnolol and honokiol are very diverse and include anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-microbial properties. Both reduce free radicals that can be caused by UV radiation.

These effects have already been proven in preclinical studies.

In addition, the extract shows a very efficient effect against acne-causing bacteria and is therefore also a dermatologically interesting substance. The magnolia extract already shows a strong effect against bacteria, yeasts and fungi in low concentrations and independent of pH.

In combination with natural diols such as Natural Pentylene Glycol, the extract has a synergistic effect and is fat- and alcohol-soluble.

This multifunctional active ingredient is available as a beige powder and is suitable for natural cosmetics.


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