Cosmetics raw materials.
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You are looking for a source of ingredients to use in natural cosmetics

ExperChem specialises in raw materials for cosmetic product formulations.

Select raw materials for the manufacture of cosmetic products – this, in a nutshell, is our portfolio. For us this means first and foremost ingredients that can be used to produce natural and organic cosmetics, such as hyaluronic acid, p-anisic acid, levulinic acid, plant extracts and a range of different vitamins.

Market-orientation is important, and so we keep observing current and emerging trends and innovations to offer our customers products such as camellia seed oil which is produced by strictly certified organic practices and is increasingly being used in anti-aging products, massage oils and nail care oils. Additionally, we also trade standardized plant extracts from green tea grown in China.

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You need a partner whose specialty is specialization

At ExperChem you will talk to experts whose strength is specialty markets.

To be a competent partner for your customers in the market for cosmetic raw materials means that you have to understand it. And, in this market in particular, it also means assuming great responsibility.

Specializing in a product range of raw materials and products which are not always straightforward and require some degree of explanation is what has made us experts in the first place. Many years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry allow us to serve the market with individual solutions and, this goes without saying really, with the high standards of quality our customers expect and legislation demands.

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You expect quality which cannot be topped

ExperChem walks the extra mile increasing the value-add of our services

Our quality expectations are extremely high due to the strict requirements which our raw materials need to fulfil. Thanks to our quality assurance processes and audits we can safely deliver these high standards. This applies to our raw materials and also to the entire chain from purchasing, development and supply through to production.

We support our customer’s production processes from the very first idea through to product maturity. In doing so we also take into account our customers’ individual wishes, ideas and product realizations. We feel that as the direct partner and market-oriented service provider and supplier of our customers we have made a commitment to support the market success of their products.

... because we feel responsible


You are looking for a partner you can rely on

ExperChem has what it takes to build long-term relationships.

Partnerships become strong through challenges mastered together. Together with our customers we embark on a quest for the best solution to gain market maturity of a product – by giving technical advice, developing specific innovations or procuring raw materials for new cosmetic formulations.

As we see it: adding value should always come first. We subscribe to the win-win principle: fair negotiations with our suppliers of raw materials, and a fair and market-oriented deal for our customers. All parties involved should benefit from this principle of entrepreneurship.